Yes it rains in the desert

No new pictures from yesterday, as we didn’t go for a hike or bike ride. Instead, we got moving in the morning and went to town to do some reprovisioning. We found the grocery store in Barstow – which wasn’t too busy. People all seemed to be rather civilized. The shelves were not as full as we are used to seeing them, however, we were able to get everything that we came for – and then some.

In the afternoon, it went from being cold outside to a bit of a downpour. It rained enough that there was water flowing through the riverbed behind our campsite – although there is no sign of the water in the riverbed this morning.

Other than the folks a few campsites away that like to run their generator, it is still rather peaceful here. The rain scared away a bunch of people, so the campsite is almost empty again.

We found out late last night that all of California now has a stay at home order. We plan to stay here until Sunday then head home as we need to do laundry! Although laundry mats are an essential service, we aren’t too keen on using public laundry. Our goal is to stay healthy, and if that means staying at home except to exercise/go out in nature, then that is what we will do.

I’m a little disappointed that Santa Clara county closed all of it isn’t campgrounds. I understand that they don’t want to have to clean the restrooms – but that means they also closed the campgrounds to self-contained RVs. There aren’t that many places where we can camp close to home that aren’t county parks. We are extra thankful to have our van at this time.

This morning it is a beautiful sunny day. It is supposed to get a little warmer over the next couple of days, which will be nice. Hopefully we will get out for another hike and bike ride before heading home on Sunday afternoon.

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