Today was shower day

It was a little warmer today than it has been – so when we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, I decided it was shower day. I wanted to shower yesterday, but the cold and then rainy weather deterred me. I didn’t feel grungy enough to justify pulling out the shower stuff in the cold.

We don’t have a shower in the van – rather, we have a shower tent that we pull out on days when we want to have a shower. For short trips, we just do sponge baths, but for a week long trip, I find that I need to shower at least once.

So, how do we shower?

First we pull out our WaterPort Day tank and the shower tent. The tent itself pretty much pops open when you take it out of the bag (the bigger challenge is putting it back in the bag!). I then take water out of it and heat it in our kettle. Since the water was cold (it gets to about 4 or 5 degrees C overnight), it took a bit to make it warm enough for a shower. I ended up using 4 or 5 kettles of water.

One the water is adequately warm, I use the bike pump to add pressure to the WaterPort. I find that 60 PSI is about the right amount of pressure for a shower.

Then it I climb into the tent and shower.

It felt glorious to be clean.

We since we had a couple of late afternoon meetings, and wanted to chat with parents, we didn’t get out for a hike today.

In other good news, our neighbours with the generator changed campsites. They are now further away from us and we can no longer hear their generator when we are inside the van – and when outside it is more of a quiet hum than an obnoxious rumble.

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