A short hike

Today’s adventure was a short hike.

As Scott described it, I arrived back at the van “only marginally injured”. Just after the last picture was taken, I slipped on the way downhill and went down part of the hill on my butt, which would have been fine except the hills was made up of mostly sharp rocks! Fortunately, my injuries consist of a small cut in my finger and a scratch on the back of my leg. I think my pants got the worst of it with a couple of small holes.

And now for the photos …

When we got to the top of one of the hills we were shown a new view of the valley behind us.
Looking in the other direction from the same hill.
Scott making sure the pictures worked out.
Looking behind us, we could see our van looking rather small!
A close up of some of the rocks making up the ridges on the hills.

Getting to the upper parts of the hills, we start to see more of the high desert vegetation.

Yucca and another desert bush.
Ever wonder what a Joshua Tree looks like? Scott took this awesome photo.
Our required selfie.
Scott admiring the view
Becky starting down the hill (just before slipping).

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