Today’s adventure – Mountain biking the Rainbow Basin scenic loop

We had drive the Rainbow basin scenic loop a couple years ago and at that time found ourselves thinking that we wanted to come back and do it on bikes which would allow us to stop more often and experience the scenery without having to worry about whether or not the van would fit through the next corner!

This year, as we arrived at the campground we noticed that the road for the scenic loop was closed. We figured that was even better reason for us to check it out on mountain bikes. We wouldn’t need to worry about vehicles on the road (not that there are that many people out here at the moment).

The ride took us 2 hours and we road 13.5 km (8.4 miles).

Scott began the day by getting a picture of his reflection in the window at the back of the van.
Initially, the road was wide and flat.
We crossed a minor wash out – certainly not enough of one to justify closing the road.
The rock formations were amazing.
Notice also how the road has become a stream bed. This we figured was at least in party why the road was closed.
Another cool rock formation.
It felt a little like we were riding on the moon or on Mars.
Scott’s first ride down the hill. Like Becky’s comment at the end?
Scott’s redo of the hill. Much more interesting 🙂
Incredible rock formations.
Requisite selfie.
Becky getting a little technical.
Scott riding through a technical bit – this is a demonstration of why the road was closed.
Home-sweet-home. A nice new sign for the campground with our van in the background.

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