Home Sweet Home

We took our time riding the familiar roads that brought us home. Distances felt odd to us – things are much closer than we expected and yet the ride felt slow and took longer than we had thought it would. We stopped in Kanata for lunch at the Phu Yen – a Vietnamese restaurant that we both frequented when working in Kanata. Naturally, Scott saw several people he used to work with and had a brief chat. Everyone wanted to know how long we had been home, and were quite confused when we told them “We aren’t home yet!” When we pointed outside to our loaded bikes, they understood.

We made a stop by the main Nortel campus to get a few photos while it was still Nortel. It has been a landmark in our lives, so we thought it an appropriate photo opportunity on our way through. Becky was surprised by the lack of activity – we saw about five people the entire time we were there.
Us with the Nortel tower in the background.

Our final stop before arriving home was to pick up our storage locker key and our mail from the last year. This meant that we were riding through a part of town we would normal not bike around. The streets were busy and construction slowed traffic, but the mid-day drivers seemed nice enough.

We arrived home to a warm reception from our friends Kevin and Ali. They biked to our house to meet us, and Kevin took some amazing photos of us as we made our final pedal strokes down the street.

Scott and Becky arriving home!
Arriving home

When we opened our door, and were quite puzzled to find a bunch of food in the fridge. Then we checked the cupboards, and found even more food. Eventually we figured out that our neighbours had stocked our fridge and cupboards with enough food for several days. Thanks so much Pete and Darlene – you guys are amazing!
A fridge full of food! We have such amazing neighbours.

63 km, 3h 50 min, Arnprior to Ottawa

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