A walk along a ridge line

Today we decided to go for a hike up along the ridge where we ended our hike on one of our previous trips here. That time we started up the canyon following the river, and followed a stream bed up into the upper edge of the mountain. I recall it being very windy on that trip, and being scared to death while walking along the ridge line. I’m happy to report that today was not nearly as windy but also that I’m much strong now and more sturdy on my feet.

Turning around and looking back at the campsite during the initial part of the climb up to the ridge:

There were lots of these little holes, which we know from previous hikes are where snakes live:

Initially the climb didn’t look that exciting:

But it did provide a lovely view:

It did start to get a little narrower:

I stood at the beginning of one section, reflecting on how I previously would have found it frightening, and this time I was confident:

Scott recorded my confident steps:

I had some fun narrating a video of Scott walking along the trail:

And then there was this little terrifying section:

And from Scott’s point of view:

Eventually it flattened out – at least for a little while. You can tell this is high desert by the joshua trees in the distance.

We could see the rock formations and road where we biked along a few days ago:

Unfortunately, none of our pictures really made out the beauty of this particular road formation. The light on it highlighted the different bands of rock:

And again, you can see this formation with some of my amusing narration:

Shortly after that view, we had to decide how we were going to get back. Our options were to back track along the ridge, or to find the path that lead us down to the canyon trail.

We decided to go for it, and we began slowly scrambling down the crevasse:

Which fortunately, did lead us down to the canyon floor which is good, because neither of us were too keen on having to climb back up!

The walk along the canyon floor was a nice way to end our hike:

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