Day 7 – Back to Charlottetown

Today: 65 km (60 to the B&B and an additional 5 km running around Charlottetown.
Ride time: 4h 3m.

Track for ride from St. Peters to Charlottetown.

As Scott would say, today we cheated. More specifically, we took a ride from Souris to St.. Peters, which took oft about 25 km from our ride today. I felt that 85 km was a bit beyond what I could manage. I am glad we did take the lift, as I was rather beat by the time we finally arrived.

Becky on the Confederation trail just as we were leaving St. Peters.

Mussel farm near St. Peters. If you look closely you can see a cormorant.

When we passed this swampy area outside of Morrel (on the Confederation trail), I was reminded of those black and white photos with the single red rose. The red seemed so out of place.

I thought this photo gave a good sense of how straight the trail is, Notice the slight gentle. upward slope. The trail was a great way to avoid the hills.

We stopped for lunch at the Trail Side Cafe. The food was good, but a little bit pricey. It was very nice to have an alternative to the greasy spoon down the road.

After lunch we took highway 21 back to Charlottetown rather than continuing on the trail (continuing on the trail would add 10 km to our return on the slow going trail). Highway 21 was a back road with little traffic and a few nice sized hills. We arrived in Charlottetown at 3:30, so I took a quick trip up to McQueens to pick up our bike locks (which were accidentally left in their van) and to pick up some sandwiches at the Sobeys for lunch on the plane.

For dinner, we returned to the Piece a Cake to enjoy another good meal and what turned out to be Lawrence’s last night singing in PEI before heading back home to Manitoba. It was a great way to end our time in Charlottetown.

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