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Well, my new tablet arrived. I think the handwriting recognition will take some practice. I am debating whether or not I am going to need a keyboard. So this post is being done with my tablet and handwriting.

Here is what my old on the road blogging solution looked like:

As you can see, the screen is really small. What you cannot see is that the modem/wireless Card is really slow. As a result, I was unable to place pictures on my blog using that solution. The tablet has the advantage of being a PC, including USB Ports. So, I can transfer pictures from my camera to my tablet and then post them. The only disadvantage is that too not nave a keyboard. So l am limited to the pace that I write, which is slower than I type.

I am certain that at some point during the vacation Scott will take a picture or me writing on my tablet. When he does, I’ll add a photo here.

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