Five states and a Covid test

The day began in Pennsylvania – after a great nights’ sleep in an air conditioned hotel room. They had a free breakfast, so I went down to check it out. They did a good job – you had two choices, a veggie bowl which was Gluten Free or a sausage muffin. We got there too late so they didn’t have any fruit juice left. Everything was packaged and an attendant got the items you asked for and handed them to you to bring up to your room – and use the microwave in your room to heat things. The veggie bowl was actually pretty decent – and given that I didn’t expect to have anything I could eat, it was a pleasant surprise – although it was still just a frozen veggie bowl that you put in the microwave. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any fresh fruit.

We were right on the border of Pennsylvania and Connecticut, so it was only 10 minutes before we entered our second state.

Our big excitement for the day was a stop over in Danbury Connecticut to get a Covid test. After much searching, I used our insurance website to find a place that does Covid testing. It is an urgent care clinic that is setup for drive up testing. Unfortunately, we arrived at lunch so ended up with about a 90 minute wait to have the test administered. Now we wait a few days and call to get the results. They will call us, but she commented that they have a backlog of calls for people who are negative, so if want results sooner we can call them directly and ask for the results.

After the Covid test, the rest of the states seem to fly by. It wasn’t long before we were in Massachusetts. It was neat driving by some of the cities that my students live in. I finally got a little sense of where things where. You could tell it was still Covid shutdown, as we drove through in which should have been rush hour and didn’t hit any traffic.

After Massachusetts came New Hampshire (just a short distance) and then onto Maine. We were so happy to finally get to Maine. It was dusk by the time we arrived. I threw together a quick dinner and we collapsed.

We are happy to be here and even happier to let the van rest for a couple of days. We will take this opportunity to clean some things out, do laundry, and frankly relax – and not drive anywhere.

Even lovie bear is happy to be out of the van for a few days!

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