A three state kinda day

Yesterday was mostly a driving kind of day. We started off slow by doing our first meeting without driving – which in the end probably wasn’t that best idea. We began the day in Colorado, drove through Nebraska and most of Iowa.

Of interest was all the windmills we passed. At one rest stop we got a chance to see one of the blades close up – our van looks so tiny in comparison.

We drove a bit after dinner. At one point we were driving towards fields of flashing red lights – but unlike in California, these lights were all synced to blink at the same time, which created a really interesting effect. At first we wondered if it was an airport, but then realized it was a field of windmills. It was so dark that it was hard see the windmills, but if you looked carefully you could catch a glimpse of a blade when the red lights flashed.

We stopped for the night at a rest stop – so not particularly exciting. From a Covid perspective, Iowa was by far the least aware place we travelled through. There were no signs and the staff cleaning the rest stop were not wearing masks.

Part of the reason we pushed with extra driving yesterday is so that we could make it to our friends place in Cleveland for dinner. We will have a socially distant visit and park in their driveway for the night.

We are on track for arriving in Maine sometime on Monday.

4 thoughts on “A three state kinda day”

  1. Wowie kazowie! You’re making great time. Windmills are definitely on my list of things I enjoy seeing, but I’ve never seen a blade up-close and personal. Iowa, however, sounds rather scary related to COVID. Good thing you are pretty much self contained.

  2. You are making good time and will be ome to Nova Scotia soon.

    I hope my email about a real estate option reached you?

  3. Making good time a thought Stay on the 80 till the 81 then 88 to Albany then 90 my to avoid expensive tolls nicer drive to the 90 is busy and boring

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