Time for a rest

It occurred to us, while riding in the rain yesterday, that we have been on the road (or packing up) since the beginning of June. We have reached that 3-month period that we had read about in various “around the world” travel books, where we really just need a vacation from travelling. Becky is getting to the point where she is dreading getting on the bike rather than enjoying it, so a few days away from cycle touring is in order. We had hoped to make it to Florida (where we will catch a freighter) before this point had hit us; however, we are left reminding ourselves that this trip isn’t about the biking, rather it is about personal growth and meeting people.

We have rented a van to take our bikes from Loganville Nova Scotia to Fredericton New Brunswick, and we have rented a car in Fredericton to provide us with transport until Wednesday. The timing is good as Sunday Nova Scotia is due to be hit by Hurricane Hanna (last we heard, downgraded to tropical storm), so we will be in New Brunswick, happily visiting family and friends, avoiding the worst of the rains and winds.

We will need to be on the road again by Thursday September 11th in order to make our way to Florida in time for the boat. Prior to departure from Fredericton, we need to re-organize our gear, get massages, and do some bike maintenance (we need to replace our chains and change the oil in our hubs). Our bikes could also use a thorough cleaning!

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