Stage 1 – Canada East of Ottawa

After receiving some advice from Gary at Atlantic Cycling, we’ve modified our planned route across Newfoundland and added some more riding in Labrador.

For the first part of our trip we will be riding east from Ottawa (our home). The route will be:

  • Ottawa – Natashquan, QC (1500 km)
  • Ferry to Blanc-Sablon, QC
    This ferry runs only once a week. If it doesn’t look like we’ll make it for July 24th, we’ll pick it up on the 23rd at Sept-Ilse.
  • Ferry to St.Barbe, NL
  • St. Barbe to St. Anthony, NL (100 km)
  • St. Anthony to St. Barbe, NL (100 km)
  • Ferry to Blanc-Sablon, QC
  • Blanc-Sablon, QC to Cartwright, Labrador (410 km)
  • Ferry to Lewisporte, NL
    This ferry runs only once a week, so if we arrive a day late, we’ll take it up to Goose Bay for a brief visit before heading to Lewisporte.
  • Lewisporte to St.John’s, NL (650 km)
  • St. John’s to Argentia, NL (140 km)
  • Ferry to Sydney, NS

This portion of our trip is planned from July 4th to August 26. We do have some flexibility, so we may extend it to Aug 30 if we need the extra time.

If we are feeling brave (or crazy) we may join Atlantic Cycling for their annual three day tour of the Cabot Trail on Labour Day weekend. Maybe by then we’ll be up for tackling the hills!

Once we complete stage 1, we’ll have a short visit with Scott’s sister and family in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Then, we will need to find our way to Charleston, North Carolina where we catch a freighter on or about September 21st to Antwerp Belgium.

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