Skating away

Tuesday, we didn’t ski. We each had a complimentary Thai Yoga massage, which felt wonderful. The weather wasn’t conducive to skiing on a lake (it rained and warmed right up), so we spent the day relaxing. I discovered that it was glorious to turn the steam on in the steam shower, and then compliment it with a cool shower. The steam ensuring you didn’t get too cold and the cool water ensuring you didn’t overheat :).

Wednesday was a day for skate skiing. With my toe not being 100% happy, I wasn’t willing to try classic skiing.

Scott skied: 3 hr 20 min, 20 km
Becky skied: 2 hr 35 min, 14 km

So, you see the stats and ask yourself, how is it that Scott skied 6km and 45 minutes longer than Becky? Well, by the time we reached the cabin, I was pooped. I felt I needed a break before tackling the skate back. So I hung around the cabin while Scott skied a lopped.

I had a bit of an adventure trying to get the fire started. I wasn’t about to sit in the cabin and get cold, so I lit a first in the wood stove. The problem was, that some smoke seemed to be entering the cabin. I lit the fire with the door open and the windows open, so that it didn’t get too smoke filled. I figured that once the fire was going the smoke would start to go through the chimney. At one point, I blew on the fire to get it going better and ended up with a face full of smoke (oops). When I thought things were going better, I closed the door … the cabin filled up pretty quickly. Eventually, I clued in that there might be a flu on chimney. I saw a ring sticking out, so I giggled it a bit and to my surprise, the ring moved up, just like it was releasing a flu! The smoked started to flow nicely out the chimney and the fire started burning better. Oh well, lesson learned.

The fire didn’t keep me very warm, but it did stop me from getting too cold. I was pretty much ready to leave again when Scott arrived. He took about a 15 minute break, and then we were back on our skis heading back to the resort.

It was a beautiful day skiing. I was surprised at how well I could skate ski, and the conditions were not too terrible. Having gotten cold overnight, we were able to ski over-top of the frozen snow (for the most part).

Another good day on vacation :).

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