Walking in the woods

Cali loves to walk in the woods. She isn’t all that excited about walking on the streets – so we are always looking for places close to home where we can take her for a walk that doesn’t involve a large number of other dogs – she is too young to be around other dogs.

I’m looking forward to the time when I can just take her out for a quick walk around the duck pond, as that doesn’t involve getting in the car. For now, however, we are limited to either walking around the block or getting in the car for a short ride to walk someplace else. Fortunately, she is a happy car passenger.

One of our neighbours had mentioned a wooded area across from the high school. It is owned by the town, and is kind of a park. Since it isn’t downtown, it doesn’t get as much use as other parks. I can imagine that during the school day, it would be a hangout for kids skipping school. However, on a bright sunny and warm Sunday afternoon it was delightful.

We had the place to ourselves. When we arrived there was another car, but it was gone when we left and we didn’t see any other people. In theory there may have been trails, but with the light covering of snow they were impossible to find. However, it was a truly beautiful place to just walk around and explore. Cali also loved exploring.

Truly it was beautiful and a place that we likely would not have explored had we not be searching for a place to walk Cali.

I tried to get some pictures when the sun was just right. I’m discovering that it is really difficult to get pictures of her because her fur is so dark. The pink harness helps for now, but she is going to grow out of it very soon. Oh well. I managed a few cute picks.

Scott about to give her a snack.
She looked at me for the briefest second.

A post walk nap on her new bed.

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