Happy New Year – Santa Clara County Parks

This year, we spend the New Year’s Eve camping at Mount Madonna County Park – a nice small campground surrounded by ‘young’ redwoods.

It was our first night using our new van.

First order of business was to check out how comfortable the chairs are:

And getting the bed and table setup:

Scott goes outside and makes sure everything is setup for the night:

We managed to not take any pictures of making dinner inside the van using the induction stovetop to boil water. We definitely need to figure out counters, as cooking on the floor is hard on the back.

After dinner, I lay down and read a book.

In the morning, we test out the new camp stove with breakfast on the picnic table. With the morning light we could also get a decent picture of the van in all its glory.

After breakfast, we packed up and went for a nice hike (6.5 kms).

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