Church and sleep

This morning, we got up and had a lovely breakfast – fruit, exotic multi-layer French Toast and other yummy things. We are staying at the Mahogany Manor B&B and are really enjoying the luxury. The price is a fair bit more than our budget, but we felt the need to splurge for a day or two.

Shortly after breakfast Becky started to not feel well. Her muscles were exceptionally sore and her body felt feverish. It appears that the fatigue from yesterday was due to a little more than just a long bike ride. She thinks it might be a side effect of the second dose of Dukerol Cholera vaccine that we took on Thursday.

Despite Becky not feeling well, we visited the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saint John this morning. It was really nice to attend a UU service. Becky especially liked singing familiar hymns. It was fun for both of us to meet people we knew from denominational events as well as meeting some new folks.

After church we returned to the B&B and Becky was happy to climb into bed. Her ailment appears to be a stomach bug of some sort. Scott isn’t feeling 100% but isn’t feeling as bad as Becky. Scott called bike shops and discovered that they were all closed on Sunday. So, given our current state of health and bike repair, we will spend another day in Saint John and plan to take the 12:15 ferry on Tuesday.

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