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I was looking for a local hiking trail – someplace I could get to without driving too far, and someplace not on the coast. It was too cold of a day to go hiking on the course (9 deg C). Not really cold, but colder than I have hiked in a long time and most of my hiking clothes for cooler weather are packed in a box someplace.

I began by searching for trails around me using the Alltrails website. It has a handy map feature that lets me see what is close by. I find that they have a lot more trails listed than any other site – at least that is what I have found so far. I decided upon Indian Path Commons hiking trails.

The trails were clear and well marked.

The beauty in this trail is in the woods that you hike through. There were not really places to catch a view – however, when I did climb a small hill I was able to sneak a view of a lake in the distance.

This was the closest thing to a view that I saw.

I found the trails to be interesting and every now and then you’d get a sniff of fresh pine.

Interesting forest path on the pink trail (which isn’t shown on the Google map).

The green trail was the main trail which was well established and well marked.

The green trail was the main trail and was well marked (note the green marking on the tree).

The fall colours don’t seem to be happening all at once this year. I expected that by now all the trees would have turned, but there are still a lot that are green. However, what makes this area so interesting is the mix of different types of trees – with varieties of both deciduous and coniferous trees.

I did manage to get one picture of leaves that I’m particularly proud of.

A portrait of some fall leaves.

I have not yet hiked the blue and yellow trails, so I will definitely need to return for at least one more hike.

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