We closed, so now the work begins

Wednesday was a bit chaotic – and it didn’t help that it rained most of the day, heavily at times.

The day began with us packing up, leaving Hubley and heading to Bridgewater to meet our real estate agent to do the final inspection.

By the time we got to Bridgewater, the car batteries were really low – down to 20km range, so we needed to plug it in. Fortunately the Lunenburg Community Lifestyle Centre (LCLC) has free Level 2 chargers. We headed over there for our hour break and plugged the car in to charge. By break here, I mean we had an hour between the pre-closing inspection with our real estate agent and the meeting with our lawyer and we both had conference calls and work to do in the interim. Hectic!

Next it was off to the lawyer. That went pretty smoothly. We handed over a bank draft and signed a few documents. Then it was time to wait.

We headed out to Eastlink to get our cable modem then over to Fancy Pants Cafe to pick up lunch. Fancy Pants is one of the few places in town that I can safely eat, as they understand Gluten Free and Celiac. Plus their food is local and organic and delicious.

Waiting for the call from the Lawyer, we went back to the LCLC to enjoy our lunch.

At 1pm, we had to bring the vehicles over to Canadian Tire to get them safetied. This was needed in order to get Nova Scotia licence plates. We succeeded in getting the car safetied but it turns out the could not do the van . We need to find a place that can do safeties for commercial vehicles or RVs as they need a heavy duty lift that Canadian Tire doesn’t have.

When the call came, I took the car to the lawyer to get keys, and Scott took the van to the real estate agent to pick up the keys she had. By 2pm we were in our very empty home.

Shortly after we got to the house our Pods arrived. We have now been reunited with our stuff – we just need to get it unloaded. When we had a 5 minute break, Scott headed over to Service Nova Scotia and get the new plates for the car. We no longer need to worry about getting dirty looks from people when they see our California license plates.

Thursday between meetings (and even during meetings) we had an energy audit done. This audit will allow us to access provincial rebates on home updates – but the auditor also told us what made sense and helped us better understand what we should consider in the way of heating for the winter.

Now we are slowly unpacking – and balancing our time between working, unpacking, and figuring out where to begin!

4 thoughts on “We closed, so now the work begins”

  1. Woohoo! You rock! But definitely need to be sure to take some down time once in a while ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m so glad you guys made your escape from the fires and political insanity and landed in such a nice community. Looking forward to before and after posts–I love a good renovation!

  3. Hope you will soon be settled and relaxed home owners! Big move … congratulations!

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