Puffie goes snorkelling

Aruba, jamaica ooo I wanna take you
To bermuda, bahama come on pretty mama
Key Largo, montego baby why dont we go

(the Beach Boys)

Becky keeps singing the kokomo song! I wish she would stop. I know we are in Key Largo, but really, she must stop soon!

The day began with rain. It sucks to fly in the rain – your wings get all wet.

We packed up our bags and headed out on an afternoon snorkel trip to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park about 2-3 miles off the coast of Key Largo. The boat was a nice big catamaran, with sails! Becky certainly was in heaven – sailing and snorkeling. I’m sure Scott was pretty happy too. I on the other hand am still molting in this heat. Soon I’ll shed enough feathers to make a pillow!

When the boat stopped, Becky and Scott were pretty quick to don their snorkeling gear. When we jumped in the water I was shocked at just how warm it was. The water felt warmer than the air. Apparently it is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Certainly too warm for me!

Scott and Becky swam around and stared at the funny looking fish. I was hoping to have a nice snack, but the fish are all funny looking, with lots of bright colours. One of them looks like parrot! I tasted one of the smaller ones, but it is all full of bones and has no meat on it! Not good eating at all. I am certainly missing my North Atlantic home.

When we got back to the boat Becky discovered that her camera was no longer working! It worked fine when she was taking pictures underwater, but suddenly it thinks the card door is open even when it is closed. It looks like we won’t get to see any of the wonderful pictures until she can get the camera fixed (apparently it is a known issue with the Olympus).

Unfortunately, the captain decided not to put up the sails for the trip back, so it turned out to be a trip on a sailing catamaran that did not involve any sailing. Becky was disappointed, but the most of the others folks on board didn’t notice.

After the snorkeling adventure, we packed ourselves up and jumped into the car to head to Key West (a little too far to fly in the heat).

1 thought on “Puffie goes snorkelling”

  1. Hey Scott, Becky,
    Glad you guys got to see the Keys, especially the reef off of John Pennecamp. I do hope Puffie survived his dunking.
    I’ll keep an eye on your journal and keep you posted about my travels.

    Happy Trails

    Jim Sweet

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