Deadman’s Cove

100 km, 5 h 10 min ride time  – Triple Falls RV park to Deadman’s Cove

Our goal today was to get to St. Barbe, so that we could take the early ferry over to Labrador.  It rained heavily overnight, and we took the time to dry out the tent before leaving, which meant another post-noon start.  Fortunately, we again managed to ride with the wind mostly at our backs, so we made good time – the wind changed direction from earlier in the week. The tailwind was especially nice on the long straight flat stretches where there is no sign of population. 

After 90 km, we pulled into Sweet’n Eats – which you may recall is where we stopped for wonderful fresh bread treats on our first day on Newfoundland.  Since we were quite tired, we had another delicious meal and took our time before preparing to depart.  (We can report that the chili is as good as the chowder!)  While we were eating, Scott struck up a conversation with a couple of the nurses that were having their dinner at the café.  Judy and Margie were fun to chat with as they bantered with each other and with June.

As we climbed on our bikes, Judy and Margie drove back up, and Judy offered us her spare bedroom for the night!  They had overheard our conversation about $80 per night for the hotel in St. Barbe, and took us in.  She lives in Deadman’s Cove, so it means 10 km to get to the ferry tomorrow, but it’s wonderful to have a real home for a night.  (Margie would have taken us in too, but she has a smaller house, and is remodeling her spare room).

In true Newfoundland fashion, Judy brought us home, showed us around, then left us the run of the house for a few hours.  Her older son Bradley works at the Senior’s Centre, and Thursday evening is for cards, so she and Margie had a previous commitment.  I guess we must have honest faces.

It was a real delight to spend some time talking with them after cards, and to feel like we were in a real home again, even for a few hours.

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