Internet access outside of the two main cities might be problematic.

Laos has unexploded land mines. Stick to well defined paths.

Laos requires tourist visas. The visas you get upon arrival at the boarder are 15-day tourist visas. You need two passport sized photos to get your visa. Tourist visas are not available at all land crossings, so it is advisable to get a visa before going to the boarder. Visa’s issued from an embassy are usually valid for a single entry within 3-months and allow for 30-day stay.

Loas embassies on our route include:

  • Embassy of Lao PDR (Cambodia)
    15-17 Mao TseTung Blvd
    PO Box 19
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Embassy of Lao PDR (Malaysia)
    1 Loront Damai Tiga
    Kuala Lumpur 55000
  • Embassy of Lao PDR (Thailand)
    Soiramkhamhaeng 39
    Bangkapi, Bangkok

The following are public holidays that fall within the time frame we may be in Laos:

  • New Year 1-Jan
  • Army National Day 20-Jan
  • Makhabusa Day 8-Feb
  • Women International Day 8-Mar
  • Lao Popular Revolutionary Party Day 22-Mar
  • Lao Buddhist New Year 13-16-Apr
  • Labor International Day 1-May
  • Visakhabusa Day 7-May

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