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Friday, August 17th, 2007

Well, my new tablet arrived. I think the handwriting recognition will take some practice. I am debating whether or not I am going to need a keyboard. So this post is being done with my tablet and handwriting.

Here is what my old on the road blogging solution looked like:

As you can see, the screen is really small. What you cannot see is that the modem/wireless Card is really slow. As a result, I was unable to place pictures on my blog using that solution. The tablet has the advantage of being a PC, including USB Ports. So, I can transfer pictures from my camera to my tablet and then post them. The only disadvantage is that too not nave a keyboard. So l am limited to the pace that I write, which is slower than I type.

I am certain that at some point during the vacation Scott will take a picture or me writing on my tablet. When he does, I’ll add a photo here.

Blogging on the road

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

So, I’ve been contemplating how I will blog during my upcoming vacation. When we went to Hawaii back in November, I picked up a keyboard for my palm pilot. I figured that if I had a keyboard, I would journal more. I was hoping to convert my journal to a blog at some point but it never happened. So I know that if I don’t blog while I’m there, the blogging wont occur. So that again leaves me with the question of how?

I have a palm pilot and keyboard. I also have a wi-fi card for my palm pilot. In addition, I have a camera phone. I do find I am able to write OK on the palm pilot, but I would much prefer a more visual medium. I’d prefer to be able to integrate pictures directly into the posts.

Why not just use Internet Cafes? Because in Canada the cafes are few and far between, and that makes using them impractical. It does appear that in Montague and Souris that the public libraries have computer access. So, if all else fails, I’ll be able to check on this blog and post a couple of things from those locations — assuming I find the time and the library isn’t too far from our B&B.

The biggest problem with my current solution is that I can’t easily post directly to my blog. I can email the post to my blog; however, for some reason Versamail adds a bunch of header stuff to my message. I really don’t want the header stuff on my blog. So, I am left with emailing the text portion of the message and connecting to blogger to edit the message prior to publishing it. I also do not know of a way to set the labels from email.

Oh well … unless my new tablet arrives prior to vacation, this is the solution that I will need to live with.

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