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Washington and the Oregon Coast – Aug 25-29, 2017

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

We popped over to Washington State to check out a state park – Cape Disappointment. It being the weekend, we figured we would take a look then go find a place to camp someplace off-grid. As we drove through the park, we decided to pop into the campground and see if by chance there were any spots. As luck would have it, just before we entered someone chose to leave early and their spot opened up. We jumped on it, and found ourselves in a lovely spot right next to the beach.

The ground cover behind the campsites was an interesting moss covered sand.

We did the short hike,

past a small beach,

to a lighthouse, that is still an active Coast Guard maintained lighthouse.

That evening we decided to head over to the beach, which was cool and windy —

so windy that you could see the sand moving like a river —

to catch the sunset.

The next day, we went back over the long bridge

to do some laundry and have some gluten-free fish and chips!

Before leaving Cape Disappointment, we enjoyed the longer hiking trail which felt like a giant tropical garden,

and led to another lighthouse, which was under renovations so we could see inside,

and where it was very windy,

and the view was amazing.

Cape Disappointment did not disappoint, however, with the weekend over we needed to start making our way south towards home. Our next stop ended up being Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park. Upon arriving, we followed a path through an enchanted forest

to a long beach

where we walked until we came to the cliff at the end.

Scott continued up a hiking trail to see the beach from above.

We learned that several people at the campsite were there to escape the smoke in the central valley. It is one of the few campgrounds that does not take reservations, so things were not already completely reserved/full. It is also why we were able to find a campsite.

As evening approached we decided to check out the lighthouse

at sunset.

After two nights at Washburne we headed south again, making our way along the Oregon coast to California.


Oregon Part 1 – Aug 22-24, 2017

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Wishing to avoid traffic, we hung around Ochoco National Forest for an additional night. Scott enjoyed sleeping in the hammock, with an elaborate setup to ensure he didn’t become dinner for any mosquitoes.

Since we were close by, we stopped by the painted hills.

Originally, we had hoped to spend more time in central Oregon (e.g. Crater Lake), but the entire area was socked in with smoke. We learned that you could not even see across the lake at Crater Lake. With horrible air quality, we decided to head north in hopes of avoiding the smoke.

We found a campground on the northern slope of Mount Hood¬†at a place called Lost Lake. We didn’t manage to take any pictures of the lake, but we did manage to go swimming in it a couple of times. Our first swim was the evening we arrived, and our second swim was after a hike up the Lost Lake Butte.

The views of Mount Hood from the top made the hike worthwhile. You will notice the haze in all our photos, this is smoke from the various forest fires.

Our second night at Lost Lake, Becky decided to sleep in the tent (rather than the van) while Scott opted to sleep in his bivvy. However, when morning came, there was a fine misting of rain, which made Scott sneak over and stick his head under one of the tent vestibules.

From Lost Lake we decided to head towards the coast via the Mount Hood Timberline Lodge and ski area, and yes, there were people skiing up there!

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses just above the lodge (I recall it from the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed).

We didn’t quite make it to the coast that night … so one last stop before the coast.