Too much food

March 22nd, 2009 by scott and becky

In the end, we had to leave Kuala Lumpur because we were being fed too well. Our hosts loved to show us all the different types of food available, so we often found ourselves eating and eating and eating. The food was great, and we were delighted to experience it all, but now we need to get back on the bikes and work off all the extra calories!

Here are some pictures with names and brief descriptions for some of the yummy treats:

2 Responses to “Too much food”

  1. Jenn Wudrich Says:

    ha ha ha! 🙂 Of course it tastes bad Scott!

  2. Saille Says:

    Oh rendang! Yum! I don’t know if they make it or if it would even be called the same thing, but try rujak salad if you can. Sooo good!

    Have you been taking advantage of the fresh fruit much?

    And I’ll be avoiding fish eyes, I think, based on Scott’s expression…

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