A few days off

September 4th, 2008 by becky

Hi all,

I’m writing this from our friend Susan’s farm in Loganville Nova Scotia. We will be making our way to Shediac for a coupel of days and then to Fredericton to visit with family. We are taking a few days off from both biking and blogging — we’ll do some updating in a few days (somewhere around the 8th or 9th).


6 Responses to “A few days off”

  1. Kathy Hogue Says:

    How come this didn’t work for Rosa who tried to send you a message

  2. Rosa McWilliam Says:

    How are we supposed to get through the day without reading your blog??????

    I’m a colleague of your mothers.

  3. scott Says:

    Thanks Rosa! We’ll get back in harness shortly so you can get your fix 🙂

    Kathy, this didn’t work immediately because messages from new people (new email addresses) are held until we can approve them. This is to prevent comment-spam, but is sometimes confusing…

  4. mike hogue Says:

    enjoy the weather

  5. Margaret Linton Says:

    So glad there is no rain in today’s entry. Those hard slogging, wet, gravel filled road entries are altering my retirement plans. Take care.

  6. marilen Gerber Says:

    You are truly an adventurous couple I think I’d like to do the freighter but; not sure about all the biking Marilen Gerber

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