Amazing Coincidences

125 km average 19.4 kph

Today was an excellent day for riding, and we took full advantage of it. Well-rested, we were up shortly before 6am, and on the road by 8 – beating our previous “record” by almost two hours. The terrain was mostly flat, and we had a tailwind, so were moving along well. When we stopped for a snack, a couple on a tandem pulled up shortly afterward. They were Bob and Linda up from Iowa for a two-week tour around the Route Verte between Montreal and Quebec City. They were only going a bit faster than we were, so we joined them, and spent the rest of the day chatting and laughing.

Linda is the Executive Director for a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Iowa, and Bob is active in bicycle advocacy and has written a guide on bicycle touring in Iowa, so they had lots of stories. I hope when we’re in our 60s we’re as active as they are! They are doing more mileage per day than we are, and manage to carry about half as much – perhaps something we can learn from… Their daughter Jess is a Unitarian-Universalist minister’s wife in New Mexico, which is a neat connection too.

Just after we finished shopping for dinner at the IGA in Trois Rivieres we had the shock of our lives. A VW van, plastered with stickers and towing a big trailer pulled up beside us, and a woman was hanging out the passenger window shrieking! After we got over our shock, we realized it was the Flatt family, friends from New Brunswick. Sharon recognized our bikes, and was screaming in surprise and shock. They had just pulled off Highway 40 to get gas and fill up their water jug so a few minutes earlier or later and we would have missed them. We weren’t expecting to see them until we got to Fredericton in September!

Elevation Profile
Speed Profile

Partdistance Parttime Partspeed Distance Time Speed
0.000 km 0s 0.000 km 0s
10.079 km 28m 55s 20.91 km/h 10.079 km 28m 55s 20.91 km/h
10.001 km 44m 12s 13.58 km/h 20.079 km 1h 13m 07s 16.48 km/h
9.925 km 26m 18s 22.64 km/h 30.005 km 1h 39m 25s 18.11 km/h
10.027 km 35m 22s 17.01 km/h 40.032 km 2h 14m 47s 17.82 km/h
9.993 km 41m 31s 14.44 km/h 50.025 km 2h 56m 18s 17.02 km/h
10.034 km 1h 43m 55s 5.79 km/h 60.059 km 4h 40m 13s 12.86 km/h
9.987 km 27m 04s 22.14 km/h 70.046 km 5h 07m 17s 13.68 km/h
9.982 km 31m 48s 18.83 km/h 80.028 km 5h 39m 05s 14.16 km/h
10.068 km 57m 03s 10.59 km/h 90.096 km 6h 36m 08s 13.65 km/h
9.908 km 42m 18s 14.05 km/h 100.004 km 7h 18m 26s 13.69 km/h
10.015 km 49m 57s 12.03 km/h 110.019 km 8h 08m 23s 13.52 km/h
9.989 km 1h 12m 08s 8.31 km/h 120.008 km 9h 20m 31s 12.85 km/h
4.310 km 29m 47s 8.68 km/h 124.318 km 9h 50m 18s 12.64 km/h

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