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Our plans – in brief

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Here is our current set of plans:

  • Depart tomorrow: Sunday July 6th.
  • Follow the Ottawa River path and roads on the Ontario side to Hudson Quebec.
  • Follow a Route Verte cycle route from Hudson to Montreal.
  • Follow a Route Verte cycle route from Montreal to Quebec city via the North shore of the St. Laurence.
  • Follow a Route Verte cycle route from Quebec city to Matane on the south shore of the St. Laurence.
  • Take a ferry from Matane to either Baie-Comeau or Godbout.
  • Ride to Sept-Iles.
  • Take a ferry from Sept-Iles to Sablon-Blanc (2-days).
  • Take a ferry to Newfoundland.
  • Ride up to Saint Anthony and L’Anse aux Meadows.
  • Ride back to take ferry back to Sablon-Blanc.
  • Ride to Cartwright.
  • Take a ferry from Cartwright to Lewisport (24-hours).
  • Ride from Lewisport to St. John’s.
  • Ride from St. John’s to Argentia.
  • Take ferry from Argentia to Sydney Nova Scotia.

This is about all that we have currently figured out.

Overcoming the inertia

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

It is Saturday and we haven’t left yet. Our original plan was to leave on Friday; however, we just were not ready. We have not yet sold the car and we have a moving van coming at 3:30 to pick up our remaining stuff – I hope we will be ready.

Once all our stuff is gone, we still have some last minute preparation and purchasing that needs to be done before we leave.  Overcoming the inertia of being at home is a little more difficult than I expected. There is also a silent fear that is holding us back. Once we actually leave the house, all things that have been our “normal” lives will be gone. The change in our lives will be upon us. It is exciting, but also scary, and right now I think the scary is winning over the exciting. Hopefully that will change once we are back on the bikes!

Our new plan is to be on the road tomorrow (hopefully morning, but I’m thinking more likely lunch time).