Freighter Update – Savannah to Gioia Tauro

June 24th, 2008 by becky

Things did seem like they were settled for a little while, but alas it was not to be. The boat we thought we were taking from Charleston to Antwerp is no longer running on that route. Our plan now is to take a boat (MSC Alessia) from Savannah, Georgia to Gioia Tauro, Italy. The boat leaves Savannah on or about October 2nd. That is a little later than we wanted to leave North America, but c’est la vie. The extra time will allow us to ride through a little more of Nova Scotia and part way to Savannah.Gioia Tauro Italy

2 Responses to “Freighter Update – Savannah to Gioia Tauro”

  1. mike hogue Says:

    there is a attachment called point in the states that alows everyone to see were you are in real time called point and it does it through google map if you know about it ok. I will look into it with more detail.

  2. Jesse Ruppell Says:

    Just wanted to say, “Good luck!” I know that you’re doing this for yourselves more than anything, but you are still inspirational to the rest of us. I look forward to reading the story in real time. 🙂

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