Riding in the rain …

We left today with a little bit of concern as to whether or not we could make it to Kingston. We told ourselves that if we were not up for it, we could stop someplace sooner. The weather did not help, as it started to rain as we were packing up our panniers and making some minor adjustments to the bikes. Fortunately, the rain stopped just as we were heading out. It was 10:45am before we were packed and ready to leave.

Riding in light rain isn’t bad. It seems like it would be uncomfortable, but if the temperature is right and you have the right gear, it is actually pretty pleasant. I’m finding that I am very happy that the bikes have fenders. It certainly makes riding in the rain more pleasant. In the end, the day turned out to be overcast with a few spits here and there but not really any rain.

We instituted a new routine / ritual today. We now ensure that we get off the bikes at least once every hour (it turned out more like 30-45 minutes). When we get off the bikes, if we do nothing else, we must walk around the bikes once clockwise and once counterclockwise. Getting off the bikes tells us if we have any specific muscles that are unhappy and need attention. It seems to help keep our bodies happier.

We arrived in Kingston at about 5:30 pm, and found the bakery that Scott remembered at about 5:50 pm. [Pan Chancho is something of a RLCT cycling tradition, so it seemed wrong not to go there on this bike trip – scd]. We had enough time to grab some take out and head across the street to the coffee shop with Wireless Internet (this is where I did my quick post). At 6:45 pm we headed down to the Wolfe Island Ferry (“The Wolfe Island Ferry is a very nice ferry, it’s a very nice ferry it’s the Wolfe Island Ferry” – thanks to The Arrogant Worms for putting this song in our heads – one of the main reasons we planned our trip via Wolfe Island).

We spent the night camped out in Nancy and Frank’s back yard. Nancy and Frank are a delightful couple and members of the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship. They have a very neat house which has grown from tiny beginnings many years ago to a very unique structure, with lots of little nooks and crannies. Frank has been updating it since they moved in a few years ago, and continues to modify it, with the latest addition being a big skylight.



We had a nice evening chatting about life on Wolfe Island, issues with the planned wind farm (among others – 86 towers in a fairly confined area – Wolfe Island isn’t that big!), and the ballet that is racing sailboats (Nancy races sailboats, so we could share stories).

Elevation Profile
Speed Profile

Partdistance Parttime Partspeed Distance Time Speed
0.000 km 0s 0.000 km 0s
10.031 km 38m 27s 15.65 km/h 10.031 km 38m 27s 15.65 km/h
10.004 km 49m 45s 12.06 km/h 20.034 km 1h 28m 12s 13.63 km/h
10.086 km 39m 51s 15.19 km/h 30.120 km 2h 08m 03s 14.11 km/h
9.900 km 45m 06s 13.17 km/h 40.020 km 2h 53m 09s 13.87 km/h
10.013 km 1h 15m 08s 8.00 km/h 50.033 km 4h 08m 17s 12.09 km/h
10.069 km 43m 31s 13.88 km/h 60.101 km 4h 51m 48s 12.36 km/h
9.931 km 35m 35s 16.74 km/h 70.032 km 5h 27m 23s 12.83 km/h
10.018 km 37m 02s 16.23 km/h 80.049 km 6h 04m 25s 13.18 km/h
9.995 km 26m 15s 22.85 km/h 90.044 km 6h 30m 40s 13.83 km/h
12.144 km 2h 08m 27s 5.67 km/h 102.188 km 8h 39m 07s 11.81 km/h
0.382 km 5m 29s 4.18 km/h 102.570 km 8h 44m 36s 11.73 km/h

Perth to Wolfe Island 20080604

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