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And the winner is …

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

After lots of analysis we’ve decided the HP Velotechnik Streetmachine Gte is the best bike for our needs. Peter worked hard to not influence our decision, but in the end he did tell us he agreed with us given our plans.

The HP Velotechnik Streetmachine Gte won for us because:

  • It fit Becky better (seat fit well and she could reach the handlebars easily).
  • It has low-rider racks available direct from the manufacturer (you can retrofit a lower rack on the Oracle Omega, but that is a work-around).
  • HP Velotechnik has a proven reputation doing the type of long-distance riding we intend on doing (the Oracle Omega is probably fine too, but is relatively new to the market).

Scott still feels a bit guilty about not supporting a Canadian company, since he was happy with both. The Gte fit Becky much better though, and it is far easier to carry spares for only one set of components.

So, the order is in. We ordered two mostly identical bikes, each with a bunch of upgrades:

  • Rolhoff hubs
  • Avid mechanical Disc brakes
  • Upgraded shocks (DT-SWISS XM180 rear and MEKS SASO Carbon AC front)
  • Marathon Plus 47mm tires
  • Airflow seat cushion (we tried both, and the Airflow is much nicer)
  • rear and lowrider racks, mudguards
  • Becky also got the shorter 152mm cranks

Here are some photos of our longer test ride (40 km). Scott is carrying 30lb of bricks and water bottles in the panniers to get a feeling for how the bike performed when loaded. These are Peter’s demo bikes. Scott’s bike will look similar (orange) and Becky’s will be yellow (RAL 1018).