Please email the following information to Becky (becky at

  1. Your name.
  2. The name and address where you wish the postcard sent.
  3. If this postcard is for someone else and you wish a special message, please list it.
  4. The charity you donated to, and the dollar amount (so we can track totals on our website).
  5. The preferred country (or province) for your postcard. Feel free to list a few in priority order.
  6. Any special directions.

You are welcome to specify an e-postcard rather than a physical card. E-postcards will include the picture as an electronic attachment and a special note.

We will send you a confirmation email once we have entered your postcard into our spreadsheet.

Our current itinerary would allow postcards to be sent from the following places in the months specified (dates and locations are subject to change):

  • July and August 2008 – Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • September 2008 – Nova Scotia, Atlantic Ocean (freighter)
  • October 2008 – Croatia
  • November 2008 – Croatia, Greece, Turkey
  • December 2008 – Turkey, Syria, Jordan
  • January 2009 – Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece
  • February 2009 – Italy, Mediterranean Ocean (freighter), Suez Canal (freighter)
  • March 2009 – Malaysia, Singapore
  • April 2009 – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
  • May 2009 – Vietnam, China
  • June 2009 – China, Pacific Ocean (freighter)
  • July 2009 – British Columbia, Alberta
  • August 2009 – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
  • September 2009 – Manitoba, Ontario

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