An Outrageous Weekend

We had an Outrageous weekend – that is, we spent two days and one night enjoying Big Rideau Lake on our friends boat, Outrageous. It is a 32 foot Carver cabin cruiser – as they so aptly but it a “floating cottage”.

Life aboard is pretty relaxing – with a routine of swim, eat, chat, nap, and repeat at least twice per day. To shake things up a bit, we took the skiff out for an ice cream at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park on Sunday afternoon ($2 for a giant scoop), and went for a row around the harbour on Monday morning.

Thank-you John and Claire – it was delightful to visit you on your floating cottage. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend 🙂

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Our morning view.

Scott reading the paper
Scott reading the paper.

Claire out for a row
Claire out for a row.

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