Reflections on the past

On July 7th, 2008 is a date that will forever be stuck in my mind, not only as my father’s birthday, but also the day we left home on our Going East journey around the world without airplanes. That was a long day of doing all the final bits and pieces of packing – making one last run over to the storage locker – and finally (at 8pm) packing up our bikes and leaving.

It has been three years since then. We made it around the world, and successfully returned home. We returned rich with experiences and a new outlook on life. In the almost two years since we’ve been home, I worked full time for 8-months and now I’m a full time Ph.D student. Scott took a year off to explore and is now working for Alcatel-Lucent.

Looking back – and looking forward – the biggest thing I learned on the trip was a strong belief in fate. I don’t mean fate in the “I’m not going to do anything and see what happens” sense, I mean fate in the “looking for opportunities and taking advantage of them as they present themselves” sense.

So now, I think about putting it out my desires to the universe and if the support structures appear, then I know I’m making the right decision – if I’m blocked at every corner, then I need to re-evaluate. But looking back, fate always took care of me, and it still is.

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