Frogs on ‘Bents

The bikes may be the same, but the faces are different. We must admit, it was a little odd seeing two touring cyclists riding the same bikes as ours.

This is a picture of Sylvie and Ben a.k.a. Frogs on ‘Bents. They have been on the road since April 2008. We originally connected with them via email, and kept in touch occasionally during our ride, so we were very excited when they told us they were coming to Canada this summer, and riding through Ottawa! That was, until we checked the dates… they would arrive in Ottawa just after we left for RAGBRAI 38. Very sad. Fortunately, we did manage to meet up with them at lunch near Brighton, Ontario, as we drove toward Iowa and they pedaled east. Hearing their stories, now we want to go to Patagonia!

We only wish we could have spent a few days riding with them. We would have been quite a sight too – four fully loaded HP Velo Streetmachines!

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  1. Greetings,

    I came across a link to your blog through the “Traveling Two’s Bike Touring Basics e-book”. It’s nice to read about other people’s travels on bents. I’ve been touring on my OSS bents since 2001. There were 4 hybrids before that. My current OSS bent is a Easy Racer/Sun EZ-Speedster-AX named “Alice” with 52,115 KM on it since May 2007.

    Since Feb 19, 1993, I’ve cycled toured with my ministry “Pedal Prayers” ( 321,470 KM through the 48 contiguous states in the USA and 3 provinces of Canada. 169,846 of those KMs have been on bents.

    Currently, I’m 7,634 KM into a 12,800 KM tour (my 20th) of the United States. I’ve got your blog bookmarked so I will be following it.

    Good luck with RAGBRAI. You’re braver than I am.

    In HIS Draft,

    Rev Hans
    “the cycling rev”

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