An elephant ate our blog posts!

So, it has been 4 days since the last time we wrote anything for our blog. Becky overheard a discussion about “the dog ate my homework” and how that in Thailand one could use elephants as an excuse. So, our excuse for a lack of blog posts is “an elephant ate our blog posts!”.

Other than our Friday adventure out to Wat Pho and Wat Arun, we spent most of our time in Bangkok at Jenny and Jay’s place chilling out. We definitely needed some down time where we did not feel the need to see all the sights or ride someplace.

On Monday night, Jenny invited over two pair (that is 4) other cycling tourists that were also in town. We enjoyed catching up with Katrina and Mike who we met in Malaysia, and meeting Elise and Zack. It was nice chatting with a group of native English speakers (we were all either Canadian or American). Becky’s extrovert needs were definitely met – she is now fully charged and ready for our next adventure.

We’re planning to catch a train to Chiang Mai, then get back on the bikes for some riding in the mountains. We’ll see how that goes…

1 thought on “An elephant ate our blog posts!”

  1. Oooooh, which way are you going in the mountains? They are pretty tough sometimes! But beautiful. We have loved reliving Thailand through your posts. See you soon in Canada, hopefully!

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