A bit of a splurge

29 km, 2 hr, max temp 39

We were both still tired after our ride yesterday, so we moved very slowly this morning. In addition, Scott seems to be suffering from some of the stomach woes that Becky had. So we decided on a relatively short day today.

We stopped by the Tusita Resort and Spa to take a look at their rooms in our ongoing quest to see how other folks travel. We did not really plan to stay here, especially when their regular prices start at 8000 Baht per night. When were given a special quote of 4000 Baht (probably because the resort was deserted after Songkram), that sounded a bit more promising. Then, Becky fell in love with the pool. The rooms are all on stilts and there is a boardwalk to get around to the different villas. It is absolutely beautiful, and quite a step up from the budget places we’ve been staying at.

We left and checked out some of the other options in the vicinity. We looked into the rooms at one of the beach bungalow places (750 Baht per night) but the rooms smelled of mildew, which doesn’t agree at all with Becky’s asthma. So, we decided “why not?”, and splurged on the Tusita Resort. When we returned, we were quoted 3000 Baht for the room, so with that extra discount it was an even easier decision. We certainly can’t be doing this very often though!

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