A touch of paradise

61 km, 3h 30min, Max temp 43

We planned to make a shorter ride today and splurge a little tonight – on a hotel with a pool, which turned out to be a good thing, since neither of us slept particularly well last night. We had a room that only had an inside window, and the hallway light was on all night. We’ll know better for next time.

Since our distance wasn’t long, we made a couple of short detours off of the highway. We were quickly reminded why we like riding on the small side roads, when we saw some people working a small piece of farm land. We rounded a corner and our way was blocked by a herd of cows taking advantage of the shade on a tree. With a quick whistle from somewhere, the cows moved over just enough to allow us to pass by.

Further along down the road, we noticed some giant spiders on the telephone poles. They were quite beautiful, but Becky would hate to encounter one whilst stopping for a pee break or inside our hotel room! They were at least the size of a hand.

Shortly after rejoining the main highway, the Kelulut Beach appeared. Scott noticed a beachside road, so we hopped on. It turned out not to last long, but we were well rewarded for the detour. Scott stopped to take a picture of Kapas Island, and Becky paused in the shade. Just as she stopped, she noticed and odd bird … a horn-bill of some kind. It was quite spectacular and not too shy, so we were able to get a couple of photos before moving on.

Our original plan was to stay at the Hotel Seri Malaysia in Marang; however, the beach was looking quite fabulous and we kept seeing signs for the Angullia Beach Resort. We decided to check it out and discovered a small piece of paradise that would cost us less than the Hotel. When we found out they had Internet, we were sold. We quickly got settled in our beachside chalet and jumped into the ocean for a swim. The shallow water is so warm it might as well be a hot tub! We waded in, and the deeper water was a little cooler and refreshing after a few hours on the bikes. We definitely could get used to this!

We were originally planning to take a boat out to Pulau Perhentian once we got further north for some quality beach time and snorkelling, but our week in KL has left us feeling some time pressure. Instead, we may spend another day here, then head directly across to the west coast, without an island break.

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2 thoughts on “A touch of paradise”

  1. cows on the road hearing prayers early in the morning are you sure your not in Guyana .
    Keep it going stay safe

  2. r u sure u dont copy the bird picture elsewhere in the internet? haha it was cool. even i’ve been malaysian for 20 years, i’ve never encounter a wild horn-bill eventhough i’ve encounter lots other bird especially during rainy month, every year, just from my window…

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