A nice day for a bike ride

We have been in Singapore for several days now, and we are getting accustomed to the warm weather. Yesterday, we had a nice visit with Chris – a local Singaporean and a cycle touring enthusiast. We first heard about him from his journals at Crazy Guy on a Bike. We contacted him and he was more than happy to give us a briefing on biking in Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos. Thanks Chris!

Today we decided to get up early (to prove it was possible) and go for a bike ride. Chris recommended riding out to Changi Village, where the ferry for Pengerang in south-east Malaysia departs.

Singapore has a bunch of great recreational pathways, and the East Coast Park is especially good, with wide-dedicated bike/roller blade lanes. The majority of our ride out to the ferry dock was through the park and along a couple of connector paths. This was a nice ride on a weekday, but may be a little crowded on a weekend. We will try to get out early on Sunday to avoid most of the crowds.

Part way along the path, we met another cyclist on a recumbent, the first recumbent we’ve seen since the Rye Recumbent Gathering in New Hampshire, back in September. He was quite surprised to see us as well, since recumbents are very rare in Singapore. He was riding a KMX tadpole trike – great fun, and good on the paths, but he agreed it wasn’t a practical vehicle in traffic, since his eyes were only 80 cm or so above ground.

When we arrived in Changi Village we enjoyed an early lunch from a couple of the different vendors at the Village Market. We are definitely enjoying the cheap and tasty street food available in Singapore!

After lunch, we headed back into town. Unfortunately, we had headwinds in both directions due to a wind shift, so the ride was longer than we expected. It certainly tired us out more than we had planned – but we survived riding during the hottest part of the day. We confirmed that we need to get up and on the road early whenever possible, so that we can stop riding for the day by 2 pm.

Download GPS Track in GPX format

2 thoughts on “A nice day for a bike ride”

  1. Hi, Scott and Becky!

    Happy 2010 and safe riding ahead!

    My name is Roy. I’m from Singapore. Google returned your blog page as I searched for other trike riders in Singapore. I hope you enjoyed your stay here and would come around again soon.

    I received my Catrike 700 from Hostel Shopped in October 2009 and have been riding the East Coast Park, amongst others paths. I occasionally ride the roads here and it’s actually safer than riding an upright because of the amount of space motorists give me just to keep me in view. I am purely a recreational/health rider. For now.

    I recently passed another trike rider. Judging by the size of the rear wheel and his seating position, it was probably another 700. I’m still kicking myself for not taking the time to make an acquaintance of him. It’s not a good thing to rush.

    Take care and happy miles!


  2. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for the note! It’s great to hear from another rider in Singapore. I’m sure you’ll see the other trike rider again – I doubt there are that many in Singapore.

    We’d love to come back and visit, especially now when there’s snow on the ground and it’s bitterly cold outside. Who knows – maybe next winter?

    Interesting to hear that you find the roads safer on a trike than an upright. We say the same thing to upright riders, but have always felt that trikes are too low to be easily visible. We have trike-riding friends who agree with you though…

    Enjoy your riding – we won’t be back on our bikes for several more months, but skiing is fun too!


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