A brief Servas visit

Ramez and Becky in front of the Roman Theatre in Amman
Ramez and Becky in front of the Roman Theatre in Amman
We had planned a short time in Amman in order to arrange our bus tickets to Damascus. Amman was a farming village until it was declared the capital in 1924. Because it is such a new city, there really is not much to see in Amman. Rather than spend the whole day on the Internet, we decided to contact one of the Servas day hosts for a brief visit.

We met Ramez after he finished work and walked around parts of downtown Amman. Ramez is a public relations specialist at the Spanish institute and speaks Arabic, Spanish, and English and is learning to speak Italian. He is a Jordanian of Palestinian descent and he has a lot of family in the West Bank city of Hebron, as well as a few in Jerusalem. Unfortunately his fiancée had an exam at university, so we weren’t able to meet her.

At one point, we came across a sand artist, and watched as he made a desert scene with camels in a bottle of coloured sand. It was fascinating to watch. The sand is compacted in the end, so the scene isn’t lost by settling sand. The bottle is sealed with a layer of glue.

We shared a wonderful meal of foul (broad beans), hummus, and falafel at a local café that we would never have found on our own. At $4JD ($7CAD) for all three of us, the price was right too. After dinner, we enjoyed some of “the best kenufe in Amman”. It didn’t equal the Kenufe we had in Antakya (which is apparently where Kenufe was invented), but it was yummy.

Our visit was brief, but we enjoyed the opportunity to meet Ramez and get to know him a little.

Sand sculptor at work
Sand sculptor at work

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  1. Hi Scott and Becky: I enjoy following your amazing journey, I received your post card from Turkey Thank you It was gr
    eat My own daughter Alyssa is currently traveling in Myanmar , or all places, and will be backpacking, bussing etc in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam She is traveling with a boy friend (whom I donnot know), another Canadian English teacher she met in So Korea I wish she could have a blog but I do get the occasional email She will return when her money runs out , probably mid April I will send her your blog site and she might get the idea However I think they are traveling on a shoe string budget and hopefully will save up enough for a plane ticket home Hope you both keep well and safe. You are missing one of the coldest winters in Ottawa for awhile minus 32 last week! Namaste, Marilen

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