A weekend in the Florida Keys

Our first order of business today was to get our bikes. The UPS website had each of them leaving Jacksonville last night at a different time, but this morning they all “went out for delivery” at the same time. The bike shop told us that they should arrive at around 2 pm, and lo-and-behold they did! Dave kindly gave Scott a ride to the bike shop and they picked up the 5 boxes – good thing Dave and Leo have a pickup!

We decided that rather than jumping on our bikes right away, we would rent a car for the weekend to take advantage for the weekend rental specials and get out to see the Florida Keys. If we rode, we might get to Key Largo, but we would not likely make it all the way down to Key West.

The bikes arrived safely, and we rapidly put them together. It appears that all the pieces arrived! In addition, a new shock for Scott’s bike arrived. So, when we get back from our weekend escape to the keys, we’ll be ready for a few days of riding. On Dave’s recommendation, we plan to check out the beaches north of Hollywood (the Palm Beach area).

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