67 km, 4.75h ride time.

We awoke to a beautiful day, but didn’t seem to move very fast. Our departure was much later than we had hoped, fortunately, we did not need to get too far today.

Powered By SmugWPPrior to leaving, we headed out to do yoga on the boardwalk where we had dinner last night. Because we were so late (11:30), the tide had returned. The boats were almost high enough that you could reach them directly from the jetty. The caution buoy had repositioned itself to be right above the sunken boat – of which there were no signs.

Our ride was rather uneventful. The roads were rolling hills. We both felt that our strength was not 100%, but we were not too taxed by the ride. Becky noticed on several occasions that the roads here smell like apples. Scott noted that every time Becky commented on the apple smell there was a tree nearby littering the ground with apples. Amazing coincidence that! The apple scent was a nice change from the rotting ocean smell (which Becky also loves).

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2 thoughts on “Apples”

  1. Nice to see your blog up and running again. Took a look at your pictures and love the ones of the big lobster, you need to get more like that. This last blog has a sense of humor, makes me smile and lets me know you are having fun. Keep it up and enjoy.
    Love ya both. XXXX

  2. Hi S&B,

    It’s awesome that you got the same shot of the marina at high and low tide. The contrast was so dramatic that I had to click back and forth between the two photos a couple times to satisfy myself it was the same place! What a difference 15 feet makes: high tide looks like a normal marina — low tide looks like someone left their toys in the bathtub and drained it!

    So how much are sea levels supposed to rise due to global warming? 🙂


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