Thanks for the comments …

Hi everyone,

I’d like to say thank-you to everyone who has left a comment on our blog. It really helps keep me motivated to keep writing about our journeys.

If you see a delay between writing and posting that is because the comments are moderated. Once you’ve had a few accepted then your comments become automatically approved; until then, we must manually approve them. That allows us to keep the spam comments out.

You’ll likely see updates in batches rather than daily for the next while. We are soon about to enter rural Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and I’m not certain how often we’ll be able to get Internet. Once we make it to St. John’s, we’ll be sure to spend a few days updating the blog.



4 thoughts on “Thanks for the comments …”

  1. Hey Scott and Becky!

    It’s been great coming along for the ride with you both and I’m always looking forward to the next update 🙂 One thing I should say is that I hope you don’t get too bogged down with always having to write… sometimes it can take away from your adventures (that’s my way of saying I was too lazy to update people at home all the time and would rather sit and chat with new people :)).

    Keep smiling, the world is literally right at your feet!

  2. Please keep up the great writing! It is a highlight to my day when there is a new chapter to read. I bet I speak for others too, when I say that the inspiration we provide you to keep writing is nothing compared with the inspiration you provide us with that writing.

  3. Great writing, feels like I’m almost there – without the achey muscles, stiffness and regular rain!!! Keep taking care of yourselves – enjoy the experience and then I can learn from you guys how to slow the pace down. Take care,

  4. Well, I for one am thorougly enjoying following your adventure via your blog. When a few days pass between updates, I wonder what you’ve been up to. What’s funny, is that I’ll now know more about your daily routines than if you were back in Ottawa ; )

    Stay strong, and keep up the great blog. Those of us back home are living a small part of your adventure through your words and photos ; )


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