Way back on June 3, my mother asked if we had mirrors. Both Scott and I ride with mirrors. I have a bike mounted mirror and Scott has a helmet mount. When I see him with helmet and mirror he reminds me of the borg!

Here is a view of Scott from my mirror:

Scott says:

I really like my helmet-mount mirror.  Early on I had trouble focussing on it, since I seem to be right-eye dominant, and I look at the mirror with my left eye, but I seem to have retrained my brain without too much trouble.  With the mirror appropriately adjusted, I can see cars coming from a distance in my peripheral vision, and check across multiple lanes of traffic with a slight turn of my head.

A few times when I’m off the bike, I have noticed myself trying to use the mirror to see something behind me.  Unfortunately, without the mirror I have to turn around instead!

3 thoughts on “Mirrors”

  1. What brand/model of mirror does Scott use, and where does he mount it on his helmet? I bought the “Take A Look” mirror (http://www.amazon.com/Bike-Peddler-Original-Eyeglass-Rectangle/dp/B000C17M26) and mounted it on my visor. It’s great, but even with three degrees of freedom I have trouble positioning it far enough to the left to see past my ear, and can’t see anything in the mirror without glancing directly at it!

    Becky: You will be assimilated by the helmet-mount wearers. Resistance is futile.

  2. Hey S&B,

    Not sure, but I may be having some trouble submitting comments (we’ll see after this one), and definitely having trouble with the links that your pics point to — they take me to flickr, which I can sign into with my Yahoo ID, but it tells me the photos are private. Is that intended, or is the link supposed to take me to a larger version?

    You could be on your bikes half way around the world and you can bet you’ll still be providing tech support to the likes of me! 😉


  3. Hi Kevin,

    You aren’t having trouble submitting comments, they just require that we approve them before they get posted. Once you’ve had a few approved manually, the blog will automatically approve. This prevents spam hosts.

    The pictures do point to flickr, as that is where they are stored. The link is a requirement in the flickr user agreement. We currently have all pictures lists as friends and family only, but we haven’t build a friends and family network. We’ll need to figure that one out when we get back.

    Scott will respond to the mirror comment .. he says it is a “cyclowear” and Bushtukka has them.


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