Shakedown Cruise – Itinerary update

Here is the latest plan:

  • June 2-7: Ottawa to Rochester (approx. 420 km in 6 days).
  • June 8-10: Off bikes. Visiting Becky’s family, getting bikes tuned.
  • June 11-22: Rochester to Ottawa via Toronto (approx. 800 km in 12 days).

Here is the plan for immediately after the shakedown cruise:

  • June 23-27: Pack, prepare, take first aid course.
  • June 28: Open house.
  • June 29-30: Finish packing.
  • July 1: Canada Day.
  • July 2: Moving day (all furniture leave the house).
  • July 3: Pack up bicycles – final gear organization.
  • July 4: Departure.

2 thoughts on “Shakedown Cruise – Itinerary update”

  1. Hi
    Just wondering if your going to be around our parts during you round the lake trip. Hotel Hogue is open good rates like to see you guys before you leave.


  2. Thanks Mike!

    Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll detour away from the lake as far as Kitchener, but maybe we’ll be able to catch up with you somewhere along the way.

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