Bikes and Crossing the Atlantic

This is a really quick update, as we are participating in the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Annual Conference and Meeting this weekend. I’ll try and update with more details and pictures pictures sometime this weekend.
We successfully picked up our bikes this week. We made a quick trip down to Afred Station NY to get the bikes, and we camped out at Stony Fork Pennsylvania.

On the freighter front, the boat we were hoping to take from Montreal is no longer running on the route, so we are now looking into US departures. There are no US departures to Italy that take passengers for segments. I’ve managed to get a tentative booking from Savannah Georgia (we are looking to change the pickup to Charleston NC) to Antwerp Belgium on or about September 19th. This works well as it gives us a little bit more time to get to the boat.

We’ll also have an updated Newfoundland and Labrador itinerary based upon some advice from Gary at Atlantic Cycling.

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