What would you do if …

you woke up to this?

instead of this?

We did as any good Canadian would, we strapped on our skis and skied to church this morning. Our neighbours who were brave (or foolish) enough to be out shovelling were quite amused.

Scott skiing around abandoned car in the middle of the road.

It’s a good thing we didn’t try driving – there was a car abandoned in the middle of our street.

Becky sinking knee deep while skiing near Lincoln Fields

Once we made it off of our street, things got a little better. The main roads are all plowed. We didn’t ski all the way to church (that would have been a challenge). We managed to catch a city bus for about 1/2 the distance. We skied about 5 km, including a stretch near Lincoln Fields bus station where we frequently sank to our knees (yes, even on skis!)

After church, we were able to get a ride to the top of the street. We skied back home and then began the daunting task of cleaning out the driveway.

In the last 2-days, we have received 51 cm of snow. For some extra excitement, we also had some snow lightening (very spooky). Last night’s snow (over 30 cm) came with high winds, which meant that anything that was previously shoveled was now packed with snow drifts. It is a good thing it is a weekend, and for the most part, people can stay close to home and enjoy the sunny weather.

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