Day 3 – great ride and great stories

Today: 38 km
Ride time: 2h 15m

Track for ride from Fiddle Farm to Knox’s Dam.

Today was a short ride day (38 km), and my muscles were very glad of it. My muscles were also very glad that the B&B had a nice soaker tub.
The ride was a series of rolling hills. The road was very straight so you could see the hills for many Kilometers ahead. The hills were exactly what my muscles needed after 2 long days on relatively flat roads. They say “variety is the spice of life.” Hills are the spice for cyclists.

When the hills ended, our route took us over a series of short dirt roads, some with loose gravel, others with hard-packed bright red clay.

We arrived to discover a beautiful B&B with gardens and nice spacious rooms.

Since we arrived at 1 pm, we headed directly to lunch. Unfortunately, food and town were not as close as I would have liked (2.5 km) especially without a car. We made dinner reservations and plans to ride our bikes into town for dinner. Town was just a little too far to walk.

The Stories

Richard Knox, he and his wife Janet run the B&B, has lived in PEI, all his life. He has many stories of his long history here. His father used to operate the power plant at the dam, hence Knox’s Dam.

Our Surprise

After lunch we had a chance to sit back and relax. Whilst relaxing, we noticed someone arriving. A closer glance showed it was Katherine, Kurt, and Rachel – for some unknown reason, I thought they were not meeting up with them until Souris. We were glad to share the beautiful B&B with them. And the added bonus was that we would not need to ride to dinner!

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